Newt Gingrich on verge of being Rick Roll'd

I have a confession to make. As not a nube contributor Aaron Gardner can attest, I would have supported Gov. Rick Perry‘s run from the get-go, but for populist Tea Party reasons, I jumped aboard the CainTrain, only to jump off at the last transfer station when this happened.

Someone is going to make money dissecting how Team Perry imploded, and they’ll source a lot of what was written on RedState by Erick, this great Governor of Texas himself, and many others (warning: be prepared for a few minutes of fame in a book’s reference section).

Learning from President Clinton, Speaker Gingrich’s often quoted partner-in-crime, NewtYucksItUpWithBill

was another lesson via Dick Morris: ‘triangulization‘. Somehow my ‘friend’ Newt Gingrich got to the Texas governor to include him in a 10th Amendment brigade, knowing he had to, in order to prevent Governor Perry from watching and waiting, unlike the Tea Party grassroots’ favorite candidates of Rep. Michelle Bachmann (who BTW, may challenge Speaker Boehner in less than 50 weeks), Gov. Sarah Palin, and CEO Herman Cain, once again, Gov. Perry jumped the shark.

Now we have this from Erick. It would seem Newt Gingrich is on the verge of being Rick Roll’d, but not the way those annoying viral videos took hold, but by a nexus evangelical & catholic Pro-Life voters and Tea Party grassroots activists who will remind America again about the core of Reagan conservatives.  This is A Time For Choosing of this on the 39th anniversary of the disastrous SCOTUS Roe v. Wade decision:


p.s. Question. How would a President Gingrich govern? Like his idol Winston Churchill? I for one prefer an American republic to a prime minister-ship, given the choice… But heck, what didn’t the Founding Fathers know that Newt does?

p.p.s. Georgia just became a bell weather for Super Tuesday. Speaker Gingrich abandoned it, like so many other things, when they became too inconvenient.