OGM! Only the Latest Example of Fractured U.S.-Mexico Policy

Does Cindy even have a basis for a legitimate rant? Let’s break it down.

Americans bailout GM, and while still having a 60% stake in this company, a/k/a Government (or Obama) Motors, it ups and brings another plant in Mexico with 400 jobs that could just as easily be done on Tennessee.

In exchange, Americans get a porous border with our southern neighbor, illegal drug trade compounded by human trafficking and a standing ovation by Obama democrats for the Mexican president F’lip Calderon (when given the honor of a joint address to Congress) for calling Americans (by way if Arizona) a bunch of Latina-phobes.

Perhaps ‘we’ should ask Mexico how is it that following Mexico City’s  rank as kidnapping-capital in North America, Phoenix, Arizona now comes in #2.

Or from another angle, while American corporations set up shop and jobs in Mexico, that country’s second greatest source of GNP are from wire-transfers of both legal and illegal aliens working in the U.S.

One wonders if the hundreds of flying Mexican flags at pro-immigration rallies around the country are for a change in U.S. laws or an affirmation of La Raza’s charter? This is a hard conundrum to untangle when seeing the world through the eyes of our own president. Sometimes Virginia, allegiances surpass an oath taken to support and defend The Constitution of these United States: