911 (Obama) Is A Joke

I think I’m getting used to this meme from the Obama Administration. When there’s a problem, they aren’t in charge, period. BP has the lead on the oil leak, Gov. Jindal has the lead on the oil mess, and the MMS Chief quits her post without her boss, Obama, knowing of it. (Personally, if I were a Lib, I’d blame the Duke Mens basketball team for keeping the POTUS from more pressing matters)

Now we have Texas being warned by this Administration to be on the alert for a Somali terrorist that may soon cross their southern border.  That would be the same border state that this Administration has ignored for over a year — ignored their pleas for more border enforcement, more troops on the ground.

Even when you call for help from Obama, it never comes.  It immediately reminded me of that old school Public Enemy rap, “9-1-1 Is A Joke”. Except the joke is this Administration.


……”Get up and get, get, get down…….O-B-A-M-A is a joke in your town…..(There’s not a minute to spare!)”

Can I get a remix? Paul Shanklin?