The 220

Saturday was probably the first time since the U.S. House voted to impeach Bill Clinton that I followed daily machinations leading up to the vote on H.R. 3962. Henceforth, I will affectionately refer to those supporting this $3 Trillion* load of crap as The 220.

As the final votes were being cast, I kept screaming at C-SPAN for “five more votes… five more votes” from the Democrats, which never came. Then there was that one lone vote by Louisianna’s freshman GOP Congressman Cao. Geraldo Rivera was over on FoxNews asking RNC Chair Steele (when he found out who the lone republican vote was) if he’d “take him out to the woodshed”, which gave way to quick banter that whomever it was, they were probably from a swing district. To wit, Geraldo was right, Rep. Cao squeeked by now convicted former Rep. William Jefferson during a runoff last December for LA’s 2nd Congressional District.

As I blogged over at MichelleMalkin.com, should we be upset with him? Sure. Should he be considered another Dede Scozzafava? Heck no. Congressman Cao can be brought around. He might just have a simple out by voting against whatever HealthScare bill comes out of conference.

As for myself, I was more concerned with the other persuadables out of the 219 Democrats who voted for HR 3962. I wrote and made several calls to my own freshman Michigan Congressman Mark Schauer. He still voted Aye. Thus, my last fired off correspondence to him:

Congressman Schauer,

I was deeply saddened and disappointed tonight to see that you voted for HR 3962. You have plainly chosen your leadership over your constituents and future generations of Americans.

Was your appointment Thursday to the Vice Chairman of the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit the carrot Speaker Pelosi offered you in exchange for your vote?

Mr. Smith

p.s. May November 2, 2010 be the longest night of your political career. Enjoy your last 420 days in office.

The two strongest contenders to replace liberal Pelosi licker Mark Schauer are former Congressman Tim Walberg and the brother of FL’s Rep. Tom Rooney, Brian Rooney (who has to carpetbag a few miles into MI 7th). I’ll be donating directly to both as I sort out which one I’ll be voting for come the primary.

In the meantime, please push your (or nearest) GOP Senator to back up Oklahoma’s Senator Tom Coburn’s HotAir reported effort to have the entire Health Care bill read on the Senate floor:

If Coburn and other Republicans force floor readings of the bill, that may drift into March or April. If Coburn insists on a floor reading every time the bill gets amended, it may be summertime before they can get around to it. The Senate has other business to conduct, which would interrupt floor readings that would take at least several straight days of floor time to complete for a bill that will run into the thousands of pages. And all it takes is one Senator to withhold the unanimous consent necessary to dispense with floor readings.

In effect, it would allow Coburn to have the bill filibuster itself.

How salacious would it be to have the final democrat HealthScare bill coming out of conference when all these Congressman and Senators are heading into primary and reelection season?