Gov. Palin comes out swinging (No holds barred)

Palin speaking

For all the country club cheering republicans and for my fellow pro-life RedState brethren and sisteren, this news of Sarah Palin‘s forays back into the public debate at a time of her choosing shows she not only has moxy, she has wisdom.

She said deciding when babies get human rights isn’t above her pay grade — a reference to Obama’s response to a question from the Rev. Rick Warren last year. The Democrat said such questions were above his pay grade.

I’m dubbing her the Mohammed Ali of the perspective 2012 presidential candidate world. Governor Palin is all about the rope-a-dope strategy. The proverbial dope or dopes rather, being our current president and those like him, profiteering in their own way, expanding their soft sell culture of death.

Palin said women who can’t give birth should have the opportunity to adopt children who might otherwise be aborted. She mentioned that her own daughter Bristol became pregnant as an unmarried teen and has since given birth to a son.

Palin also took Obama to task for his support of abortion rights and embryonic stem-cell research.

She doesn’t split hairs on the issue, drawing fire from home state critics for making this trip to Indiana to speak.  Yet choosing to do so, after passing on other speaking engagements, citing the same reasons as her Alaskan critics, that she was tending to the legislative session, but then making this trip of all invites, demonstrates her commitment to life and especially the life of those whose must needs need defending, is her paramount priority.

Sarah Palin stands apart, she stands strong and when given the chance to “be Sarah”, she shows yet again why she is the one to beat (as they all do) for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. This is why we love her. Take it from a man, jealousy amongst fellow rumored contenders will get you less than nowhere.

She gets real, she gets honest, she hits it home in a way women can accept better than coming from a man, leaving no stone unturned.

Palin said the challenges she faced during her pregnancy with her son Trig, who was born with Down syndrome, gave her an opportunity to live out her anti-abortion beliefs. She said she prayed often during her pregnancy, especially after tests revealed that her son would be born with the condition.

“The moment he was born, I knew that moment my prayers had been answered,” Palin said. “Trig is a miracle. He is the best thing that ever happened to me and I want other women to have that opportunity.”

She challenged the notion that children must be born perfect and that unplanned pregnancies are inconvenient and can be ended by abortion. “I know for sure my son is perfect just as he is, made in the image of God,” she said.

She asked the crowd to keep working for the “culture of life” in America.

“Life is ordained, life is precious,” she said.

Sarah Palin scares the bejeesus out of the pro-death (a/k/a choice) movement, Planned Parenthood, and other pathological narcissists out there (like the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue).

Enjoy it in it’s entirety, block by precious block. Hat tip to mynameiswhatever

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“Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.” Ronald Reagan

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