Extremism in the eyes of pathological narcissists

Narcissism is part of a normal developmental phase and reflects the universal need during early childhood, and later in life, to be loved and confirmed. However, there are many possibilities of being hurt in the course of this developmental phase and this experience will leave the individual with a narcissistic vulnerability. One way of handling this is to develop a pathological narcissism, the most prominent characteristics of which are: egocentricity, extreme sensitivity to criticism, strong projective tendencies, lack of empathy as well as fantasies of grandiosity, open or concealed. The need for power may be compensatory for inner powerlessness and lack of self-esteem. A leader will be more or less influenced by the role he/ she plays and by group processes in the organization. Today’s leaders are often influenced by criticism from inside and outside and this may foster narcissistic defences.

There’s the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and a sympathetic boss of another at DHS.

Whoever wrote this memorandum (and their bosses) should be hauled before the respective House and Senate committees to explain themselves. Fat chance American liberals in Congress (i.e. the majority party) will go for that, it smacks of defending our Troops and those who awoke in the land of 9/12 America against “agents of overseas contingency operations “.

Yesterday I called Sen. Stabenow (MI) and only got her voicemail, which is a vast improvement to the mailbox full crap-sandwich of the Porkulus/Stimulus debate. Got nowhere with Georgia’s Sen. Isakson’s office (vice a polite brush off), received well by Georgia’s Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ (good sign there foll. his runoff last December; h/t Governor Sarah Palin!) and a whopping, “Um, well I uh, only watched the news like five minutes before coming to work today,” response from the press secretary to the most corrupt Michigan politician in state history and freshman Rep. Schauer (MI-7th).

Surprisingly, the best counsel was from the staff of none other than Michigan’s senior Senator, Carl Levin, who said those concerned should go directly to Sen. Joe Lieberman as he chairs the Senate Committee on Homeland Security:

Washington, DC Office
706 Hart Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-4041 Voice
(202) 224-9750 Fax

Connecticut Office
One Constitution Plaza
7th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 549-8463 Voice
(800) 225-5605 In CT
(866) 317-2242 Fax

Good to see minority leader Boehner and patriotic leaders in congress all over this one.