Obama-bots, Kool-Aid, Co-dependency & Control

Yesterday, I posted this short-short diary poking fun at the ineptitude our President’s followers possess and the spell, women in particular, are under. As mentioned by NYT’s blogger J. Warner (here), analyzed by WordPress’ Upstream blogger (here) and picked apart by NewsBusters (here).

In the spirit of EricSholder (Tm) & his “nation of cowards” speech, why hold back in just that arena, let’s analyze the psyche of the ladies, as I did with those Sex&TheCity type babes in my latest bumper sticker and furthermore all those fawning over TheOne , who is a/k/a our President Obama.

Firstly, back to yesterday’s titular title, Is there an Obama-Al-anon group yet?

Here is the link to Al-Anon’s Twelve Steps as well as a good Codependency link here. I do not aim to make fun of AA and it’s subsidiary self-help support groups (e.g. Al-Anon, Narc-Anon, Al-a-Teen, etcetera). They are worthy of their cause and their no-fee burden on the taxpayers, born of a regular Joe (rather Bill W.). By the by, three of my favorite actors, James Woods, James Garner and Gary Sinise starred in the 1989 made-for-TV movie and did a heckuva job.

If we are truly to reach out across the aisle, it should be to even save those cruel socialist savages and their apoplectic codependent followers. Nothing more. So here’s to a 12-Step program in the offing. Any sponsors?

In the meantime, I recommend reading up on M. Scott Peck’s finest work (a free online copy here, how’s that for conservative?), People of The Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil:

Book People of The Lie

Let those of us capable of StandingStrong (Tm) gird our loins and prepare for war!