Americans: Economy will recover when Obama is defeated

(A translation)

Just as in 1994, the majority of Americans get “it”. Only now thanks to the rise of alternate media, it’s happening a lot sooner. Yes, there are the kickoffs today of nationwide protest Tea Parties (h/t to CNBC’s Rick Santelli, but now there’s new polling data to prove this counter-Obamanomics (socialism = Change) movement is spreading. Without realizing it, a week into our president’s term, most Americans held the belief that it will take The 21st century GOP coming back to power, in order to achieve true tax cuts to grow the economy.

This from Gallup (question #7 buried deep in story). Of course RassmussenReports was all over this eight weeks ago.
Gallup poll on economic recovery

And this from Ohio’s CPA’s, Americans postpone retirement for up to five years in current economy.

Damn the ignorant masses? No, just educate them.

“Liberalism is just a way that people can feel good about themselves, but in the process, they destroy lives. That’s why we’re only supposed to look at their good intentions, never the results. Just tell ’em that. Just tell ’em they’re cruel. You’ll destroy them.” –elRushbo

p.s. A majority of Americans (including 49% of identified Democrats) believe government mortgage help rewards bad behavior.