Proposed amendment to the Senate's stimulus

(which I am sending to GA Sen. Saxby Chambliss)

Every federal taxpayer dollar sent to states and local governments (to get them out of the hole they created) must be matched by $3 in actual cuts at given government’s level.  Get a $1 for every $3 you cut.  Right your ship, cut spending, and move on.

If other states and localities are refusing federal bailout money, and businesses receiving bailout ca$h are being forced to cut salaries and expenses, is this too much to ask?  Considering we taxpayers are footing the tax bill at all levels, I think not.

From the AP:

The cost of the House version of the bill is $820 billion and is weighted more toward sending money to states and local governments.

Obama will take his case to the American people Monday with his first prime-time news conference.

*I wonder if a GOP response will be allowed following the POTUS’ press conference?

p.s. It’s not too late, contact your Senators:  http://senate.gov/