The Obama recession is underway

dow drops

The DOW plunges even further, to an 11 year low

While President-Elect Obama doddles in Chicago floating names of rumored cabinet appointees and libs beg that he comes out to address the nation, I pause to wonder what would be happening if we were facing a McCain economic plan. Cutting capital gains tax rates, protecting 401Ks for Seniors, actually stabilizing the housing market with the bailout funds… sigh.

It will be interesting what President-Elect Obama does with the $350 billion gift President Bush leaves him. Based on his last radio address (click doddles above), it’ll probably entail a bailout of inept Granholm, unions, big cities and such. Redstate counties will be milked as the wealth gets spread around.

I’m dubbing this Obama’s recession. The conditions may have precipitated him, but he has brought it on by offering zero hope, zero intervention. I guess the world can wait for two more months.

since obamas radio address

*This since his last radio address