No Palin, No base!

I was aghast last night, listening to Carl Cameron’s report about McCain’s aides bashing of Palin on The O’Reilly Factor. I was seething when more alleged details were leaked anonymously on Thursday.

Two points.

During his stump speeched, Senator John McCain spoke of his distaste for pork and in particular those who hid behind their earmarks. He said, “I will name names and make them famous.”

Now is that time. They should not be allowed to remain anonymous. Senator McCain should either find out who they are and out them or repudiate them. They are cowards trying to cover their behinds. In a word, dishonorable.

Until their anonymous veils are lifted, ALL of McCain’s aides will be tainted as untrustworthy *and should be viewed as *disloyal. Even Hillary Clinton’s aides aired their dirt with names attached. Good luck getting hired by a future candidate when “McCain campaign staffer” is listed on your resume.

FoxNews’ Carl Cameron’s reports should be taken with a huge grain of salt. He was profusely anti-Fred Thompson during the primaries. I lost count how many times he gleefuly displayed drive-by tendencies against the conservative candidates running. Bias-light.

Finally, I’d like to know what we at the base think? How would you have voted had McCain followed those same aides’ and elite-types who wanted Senator McCain to tack left in his VP selection? Would you have even voted?

What if Senator McCain chose a moderate to liberal running mate?
I still would have rallied to him
I would have begun looking elsewhere
I would have voted for someone else
I would not have voted for any presidential candidate
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