Where do we go from here?

Two must read posts tonight, Neil Stevens’ points and Dan McLaughlin’s h/t to Rove — It begins with the base.

Now for a point of my own.

We must stand strong as conservatives and libertarians and not give up. In doing so, we must buck up our remaining GOP Senators. The pressure they will be under to capitulate and not filibuster, to go along to get along will be immense.

It will come from all sides, the Obama White House, the democrats, the lobbyists, the media, all of these new voters (especially the young ones)…

… if we do not encourage them and let them know we have their back, then the temptation before them will be great. I now forgive (but not forget) some of the stupid votes these remaining Senators have made. I recommend you do too.

And now if you are in need of a little inspiration of your own during these coming months, think on William Wallace and the odds against his forces, and his call to hold the line (as depicted here in Braveheart, advance to 04:30):