If Biden dies, will Obama be ready?

It’s a simple question, and I’d really like an answer. With the liberal bloggers trolling RedState and elsewhere, perhaps one of them could step up and answer my sincere question.

Assuming Obama/Biden win, should VP Biden meet his Maker (consider his health implications and age, six years younger than Sen. McCain), will Obama be ready to lead on foreign policy matters?

Sen. Obama did self-admit that he brought ol’ Joe on board for his vast foreign policy experience, after all. In truth, Sen. Biden has been on the wrong side of major foreign policy issues facing the United States and the world for decades, as detailed here, so with or without Biden’s input, taking into account Obama’s sheer lack of experience and judgement, someone will need to warn the free world when it wakes up on Nov. 5th that we’re all pretty much screwed.

for example:

Biden’s subsequent ideas about Iraq raise still more questions. When the war turned sour, his main proposal was to partition the country into Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish regions. That idea met a firestorm of opposition in Iraq because it would leave the fragmented regions vulnerable to their bigger, stronger neighbors, Iran and Turkey. The Sunnis opposed it because only a strong central government could give them oil revenues from other regions. Iraqi cities with mixed populations, such as Mosul and Kirkuk, feared partition because it would spark bloody ethnic battles for control.

While Biden was busy supporting partition, he was opposing the plan by Gen. David Petraeus to use a new strategy to win the war and hold the country together.