Pope to Biden: End the greed, beware of idolatry

I do not mean to make light of (my) Pontiff’s words, however considering Senator Biden’s latest gimmick — a release of his tax records, I had to draw his profound lack of charitable giving into comparison. Regarding Pope Benedict’s “idolatry” comments, well I’ll leave it for Sen. Biden to ensure he doesn’t fall any further for The One.

biden tax returns

As seen above (and noted here by the Tax Professor’s blog) and taken to task here by NewsBusters, this is one of those *hard questions *some MSM-type should challenge Sen. Biden on. For all the money he saves via Amtrack commuting, why be so damn miserly in an age when even (his) [Pope calls] (http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D935QAJ80&show_article=1) for (us) to reject insatiable greed while silmutaneously blasting modern society’s thirst for “pagan” idols.

obama the one

obama on water

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