MTV's 2008 Video Music Awards (and VIACOM) need a switch taken to them

h/t to Michelle Malkin for taking the lead on this vent, but I have to share with my fellow RSers here…

brand russell

My wife and I flipped between MTVs VMA and ABC’s Salute to Heroes music programs Sunday night.

We were both aghast only ten minutes into the VMAs. I have filed my own FCC complaint and I encourage others that were offended to do so. Here is the FCC link:http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm

This is what I posted on MTVs LABS blog:square smiley

This had to be the most underperforming VMA ever!?! My much younger and very attractive wife and I agree. Thank goodness for ABC having a real music show going on that we could enjoy. To encapsulate the themes of this years show: 1. Host BASHES republicans, Americans for electing Bush, thrashes Sarah Palin and her teenage daughter -and- implores America to elect Barack Obama to prove WE ARE NOT A RACIST country. **I’ll be sending my complaint to the FCC now, as I delete MTV from our television selections. So much for any of the reality shows we watch there the rest of the year. 2. Brittany Spears FINALLY wins and wins big. 3. Lil’ Wayne needs better boxers (or pull his flippin’ pants up homey) and should not be allowed to dominate all the friggin’ acts… what a total loss. PREDICTION: Disney Channel is becoming what MTV was in it’s early years. A station that plays decent music and ACTUALLY SHOWS VIDEOS during primetime.

You can view thousands of complaints on MTV’s own LABS blog here. Another blogger on MTV LABS offered additional contacts for “venting”, which I’ll follow up with later:


[email protected]MTV had full warning not to let this fool host back in July.

You’d think MTV would have learned considering they fired him years ago when this fool was sacked after turning up for work on September 12, 2001, dressed as Osama bin Laden.

USA Today Blog: Host Russell Brand must have thought attacking George Bush was the best way to get a laugh at the VMAs, but it didn’t go over well.

He seemed to stun the audience, notes People, with cracks such as: “In England, George Bush wouldn’t be trusted with a pair of scissors” and remarks about the Jonas Brothers and their purity rings. He also urged the crowd to “Please elect Barack Obama,” Us Weekly reports, and called President Bush a “retarded cowboy fella.” The Baltimore Sun blogged from inside the auditorium that Miley Cyrus did not “crack a smile” as she watched Brand’s Bush-bashing monologue.

When Jordin Sparks took the stage mid-way through the show, she defended the wearing of promise rings. And then, toward the end of the night, Brand apologized for his remarks about promise rings. “I don’t want to (anger) teen age fans.”

The Orlando Sentinel is all over Brand’s monologue.

I looked and looked and looked for a video clip of what was actually said, but alas, YouTube is pulling them down as fast as they get posted… whatever!

updated, MTV provides it’s own embeding WARNING, do not play this with children present from about a minute in after the ad (this will popup in a MTV window)…