Country & Western

For months now here and over on Stand Strong America, I have been beating the drum on the importance of Senator McCain’s pick for Vice-President. In doing so, as I researched and polled grassroot conservatives for the ‘ideal’ candidate, it became plainly evident as far back as May, that the best choice for Sen. McCain to make was to call upon Governor Sarah Palin.

The reasoning behind this was two-fold. The first, plainly, was the need for a running mate who could at least quell “the base” and help him reach the presidency. However, there was a much larger undercurrent coming to the fore, which came through at times by callers to Laura Ingrahm, elRushbo, Bill Bennet and others.

The second dealt squarely with the future of the republican party. Gerard Baker’s piece, Sarah Palin: It’s go West, towards the future of conservatism, from the UK Times, delves even further into what this holds for the free world at large.

(I wrote y’all last week that Gov. Palin was our American Thatcher)

Palin ThatcherThe GOP had drifted from its conservative (and libertarian) roots, leading to its loss of Congress in 2006. Then we faced, with varying levels of anxiety, John McCain as our party’s presumptive nominee. Remember all the howls when Mitt Romney fell on his sword at CPAC?

We were growingly concerned not just for who would win the White House this November, but the longer view of what was to happen with the republican party, when it’s latest standard bearer in recent years had amassed only a 60% conservative voting record.

There were real threats amongst us to bolt the party altogether. We were fed up. We had come too far to have let the party we helped build up, abandon us. We did not feel John McCain was hearing us (when evidently he was) and were rightly concerned he might simply ignore us.

Sarah Palin (like Gov. Bobby Jindal) gave us real hope. If only they could be somehow forced upon McCain, if only…

Now we find that back in March, John McCain, in classic Navy Commanding Officer style, concluded after a fifteen minute private talk with Gov. Palin, that he had found his running mate. In my own retrospect, it seems, from that moment on, it was hers to lose (not one of us knew it).

For all the bruhaha over who was going to be Obama’s pick. The planned text messages. The secrecy. The media hype. Barack’s ability to *lead *his campaign of 2,500 staff and volunteers failed, and did so miserably. Hours before his unveiling of Biden, the rumor had leaked.

Perhaps John McCain has held onto more than just hardened memories from his 5 1/2 years in captivity? This gentlemen knew how to play this out and did so with commanding precison. (h/t to you Sir)

So now we have for the first time since 1976, a GOP ticket that has not one Southerner on it.

We haven’t gone country, we’ve gone Western!

I am beyond excited, I am enthused!

To wit, we at the grassroots level must never again let our party’s leaders drift away from us. We must hold them to account (before they even see another general election) and not settle for them compromising our beliefs anymore.

If we are to take Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin at their convention acceptance speech words, we must continue to fight the good fight and be, especially, in her corner, as McCain said himself:

She knows where she comes from, and she knows who she works for. She stands up for what’s right, and she doesn’t let anyone tell her to sit down. I’m very proud to have introduced our next vice president to the country. But I can’t wait until I introduce her to Washington. And let me offer an advance warning to the old, big-spending, do-nothing, me-first, country-second Washington crowd: Change is coming.

Bill Clinton dared speak at their convention that after decades of clamoring for our way of doing things, we had our chance to show America what would happen with republican control of both the White House and Congress and blew it. He overshot, he was off the mark (in a blue dress sort of way).

For now we are riding a wave that will soon take us not to just GOP control again, but that conservative, constructionist, *Constitutionalist *government we have not seen in centuries.

Change is coming. The Mac is back — and Sarah is here.