'8 Mile'

As a Michigan voter (home of the one-recession state), I can attest that we have been hungry for real change. A plurality of Michiganders finally get it — that we are in this position exactly because of the control the Democrats (and unions) have over our state.

It (like Ohio) is ripe for picking. Keith Naughton writes in Newsweek that with Friends Like These, Obama is in real trouble in Michigan (I have been eagerly waiting for the ‘other’ shoe to drop).

These political ads by Freedom’s Defense Fund take it to Barack in a way his expert judgement just could not predict…

John McCain and Sarah Palin can take this state by at least 3% come November 4th. Michigan – Ohio – Pennsylvania (in that order) is the MidWest axis where the presidency will be won. I am confident that the McCain campaign is well aware and is executing.