Obama woman flips for McCain/Palin!

I just want to point out the fact that my beloved wife started last December in Obama’s camp (even as she let me take our daughter on repeated trips to hear and meet Sen. Fred Thompson in SC). She NEVER was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, which should give even more pause to the Obama campaign considering all the talk about Gov. Palin peeling of the “Hillary women voters”.

As she got to know more about Obama since Memorial Day weekend, she began having doubts (especially on the issues). Keeping an eye on her as she took in Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech last night, she was aglow. When Gov. Palin concluded, (for the first time ever), my wife turned to me and asked, “How soon can I register to vote?”

We’re all waiting to follow the trend lines now that the conventions have wrapped up, but if this was any indication, Obama’08 should be very, very worried.