Iranian nuclear weapons program: Articles reminding Obama of (one of) the forgotten crisis!

From The Political Commentator, written by Michael Haltman

Reelection aside, the Iranian nuclear weapons program still needs to be addressed!

Out of sight, out of mind is the business as usual Washington approach to impending crises.
A perfect example was the debate over the debt ceiling being raised when all involved parties knew that it needed to be addressed long before the 11th hour was reached.
Obama preoccupation with issues that don’t seem to include foreign policy and national security!

At the current time, and most likely for the foreseeable future, President Obama has his sights set on one thing, and one thing only: the 2012 presidential election!
Issues such as the US economy and jobs creation will take center stage for the President, only in the context of how it can either help or hurt him politically.
Issues that are not on the radar of the electorate will tend not to be on his radar either.
This includes the Middle East, the Iranian nuclear weapons program, the porous border with Mexico and anything else that has to do with foreign policy and national security.
If however, polling data starts to indicate that the American public is concerned with one or more of these issues, why then so will the President.
Labor Day weekend reminder reading for the President on the Iranian nuclear weapons program!
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