Iran, Uranium and Flimflam Florio

From The Political Commentator

Keep Giving Iran More Time, The Only Result Will Be More Time Lost

As could have been expected and predicted, Iran, given and apparently accepting the structure of a deal by the United Nations to ship its enriched uranium to France and Russia, is once again making a mockery out of the international community.

This past Friday they missed the deadline to respond to the draft proposal drawn up by the IAEA, and today was quoted by a news source as saying that while they agree in principle to the framework, they want very “important” changes made to it. Iran says that they will let the world know what the changes are within 48 hours.

Like a parent who gives warning after warning and threat after threat to the disobedient child, Iran puts little if any credence in the resolve of the countries involved to actually back up any tough rhetoric with substantive action. As the perfect example, this was what the Foreign Minster of France had to say regarding these new stall tactics:

“We have been waiting for light at the end of the tunnel for almost three years. We will wait until we decide that enough is enough and that the process is exhausted,” … “One day it will be too late.”

That is a very open ended statement, and one which would lead anyone reading, particularly the leaders of Iran, to think that there is time plenty of time for more games and deceptions. The only action, unfortunately, that will hold any weight is that of military action.  Anything else is merely a killer of time leading up to the inevitable, all the while Iran goes on about it’s merry way. Sanctions and diplomacy are merely a way of giving this country more time to do what it is that it wants to do. For starters, as articulated by its leader, Iran would like to blow Israel out of existence. 

The enablers around the world, posing as leaders, need to take a stand.