Anonymity and Hatred

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Anonymity and Hatred

First, This On The Homeland Security Front

More signs out of Washington that the President does not, or will not, understand the dangers of the global war on terror, aka overseas contingency operations.

(Weekly Standard) Cantor: Obama Still Deliberating Whether We Need to Defeat Taliban

“Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) just wrapped up a conference call with reporters following a meeting he attended with other members of Congress, the president and his advisers at the White House this afternoon. Cantor said that during the meeting President Obama made “very clear” his goal is to “dismantle al Qaeda and its extremist allies.” As recently as a week ago, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that defeating al Qaeda’s extremist allies means defeating the Taliban, but there have been reports that some White House advisers think the goal should be defeating just al Qaeda, not the Taliban.

Cantor recalled the president said during the meeting that “that discussion is ongoing about whether you can actually separate the two–al Qaeda and the Taliban.”

Stating Opinion Is Critical, But Not Anonymously

I have posted responses to some of my articles here in the past that were written anonymously in order to demonstrate the “courage” of some when they are able to state them from behind a curtain. No accountability for their thoughts and beliefs. These statements have typically shown the revisionist thinking of the left, the name calling of the left and the lack of tolerance of the left to ideas that differ from their own. Courage would be to make statements and back them up with an identity and personal ownership.

The World View

The anonymous views of the left pale when comparing them to the anti-semitic thoughts of one of the commentators to a post I wrote titled The Price of Appeasement. Remember Hitler?. The comment was posted on Newsvine with the writer using the pseudonym of Professor Dr. S. Collymore. Curious about who this professor actually is, I went to Wikipedia and found out that he is a serial anonymous poster, who uses these types of names to try and add credibility to his arguments. When he speaks however, all credibility quickly fades away. If you have something to say, say it, mean it and own it!

A free flow of ideas and opinions is a critical part of discussion, but when parties to the discussion can hide like children behind their mother’s skirts, it allows the forum to be corrupted by ignorance and hate. If someone truly feels the hate, let them stand behind their thoughts with a name.

Professor Dr. S. Collymore
When are we going to bury the European holocaust as we’ve obviously and indifferently done with all the other numerous atrocities that Europeans, their governments, military and colonialist settlers have carried out worldwide and in quite a few instances rendered extinct many indigenous peoples, like Tasman Man, the Arawaks and others, in the process and stop treating it as different from all the other European inspired and executed universal holocausts?

Who says, and what makes a white European Jew any more valuable to humanity than a North American Red Indian; a Caribbean Carib; a New Zealand Maori, an Australian Aborigine or numerous other such people cruelly and callously brought to the edge of extinction by this same European barbarity practised against fellow Europeans who practised a different religion from their kith and kin?

Frankly I’m thoroughly pi*sed of by this preferential treatment show to European Jews whose current behaviour particularly towards Palestinians and Arabs is no different and in many instances far worst than what was shown to them by the Nazis of Europe. And let’s be also blunt about this. There is plenty of empirical data to show that European Jews were complicit and actively involved in the armed forces of Nazi Europe, particularly the German Armed Forces, as were many Mischlinge (mixed confessional Jews but still Europeans).

Moreover, while we head ad nauseum about the Jews few remember and most don’t give a damn about the Gypsies (still persecuted in Europe) and the many millions of other innocent civilians who were also slaughtered in Europe-wide death camps. Where is the fairness? Where is the objectivity? Where is the compassion and obsession shown towards these forgotten millions? Hardly surprising that today’s Jews feel and act as though they can do whatever the hell they like and do so with immunity – courtesy of the west’s guilt.

Well I’m not one of those who have any guilt or sympathy to dispense to these bête noire enfants terrible. They got killed – yes. They suffered – yes. But so did many millions and hundreds of millions more around the world. And as someone whose parents and relatives fought Fascism and Nazism when the US was making money out of it; when Spain was supporting it; when Italy was doing the same; and when anti-semitic feeling and prejudices were rife not only throughout Europe but also the US, my riposte is this – GO TO HELL AND STAY THERE!