The Anal Explosive: If It Wasn't So "Terrorfying", It Might Be Funny

From The Political and Financial Markets Commentator

For The Most Part Undetectable, A New Weapon For The Bad Guys

Terrorists blowing themselves up for the purpose of killing and maiming innocent women and children is nothing new. They will indiscriminately take life, supposedly in the name of creating a better world.

Now comes the assassination attempt last month against a Saudi Prince by a man who was there under the guise of turning himself in. He went through a security check unlike any that you and I go through at the airport. It was thorough and took quite some time before he was allowed close to the Prince.

Once there, he blew himself up, only slightly injuring his intended target. It seems as if explosives within a body cavity are extremely hard to detect, and certainly not by the cursory inspection done at an airport. While these explosives cannot be devastatingly large, they can still be strong enough to inflict damage both physically and mentally.

So in the Global War on Terror, in a society where the simple inspections at airport security are considered to be over the top by some and an intrusion on our privacy, what will the solution to this new terrorist weaponry be? Will private rooms at the airport for cavity searches fly? They may have to.