The Ostriching Of America

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Ostriching Is Not A Word, But It Seems To Tell The Story

The Votes Have Been Counted

Ostriching is defined (by me) as being taken in by words, by the delivery of those words and by rhetoric in general. Of exhibiting the characteristic of being unwilling or unable to look beyond one’s nose for reality.

Leadership Qualities

Has the United States under President Obama exhibited the leadership required in many of the critical areas that are facing us? The answer is not really, excepting on a government takeover of healthcare (if you believe that is critical), but even in that endeavor the Presidents leadership has been somewhat lacking. He has bent on areas that were supposed to be written in stone, has been hard pressed to get to a consensus within his own party and if anything does get passed it will bear little resemblance to what had been originally intended by him. The shortfall in votes required for the bills passage led to the overbearing Obama media blitz this past weekend capped off by a guest stint on the Letterman Show. Nothing new was brought to the party, and few minds were swayed.


What leads me to this rambling discussion is a recent Gallup poll which questioned people on the leadership qualities of the President. Incredibly, fully 66% say that he is a strong and decisive leader while 72% say that he is willing to make the tough decisions.

As seen by his statements regarding additional troop deployments in Afghanistan, the leadership quality of the President is clearly in question. His Commander on the ground said that if 10,000 – 40,000 new troops are not deployed, this mission could or would end in failure.

President Obamas response: let me get back to you. He will have to check out the options, the plans, the tea leaves, the tarot cards and as a last resort the Ouija board. Then he will consult with the far left and see how they feel about it. He will then make the decision but not before he consults with our allies so as to make sure we do not ruffle anyones feathers. Then he will most likely make a decision All this while our troops on the ground are under fire, being wounded and killed. Not by being asked questions on Letterman, but by the explosively-formed penetrators (EFPs) being supplied by Iran. Strong and decisive? I think not.

What is the leadership plan for the S-300 surface to air missiles that Russia is selling to Iran? What will the President decide?What will our options be once they are deployed, effectively negating our ability to take out that country’s nuclear sites? Where is the tough decision making there? We did not elect a president to make decisions by omission. Presidents are elected to make decisions by commission in whatever form that takes. Worthless negotiations with an insane leadership leading to no action is very much a decision by omission. The end result is that Israel will be forced to act unilaterally prior to the SAM’s becoming operational because once they are it will be to late.

Take a look at some of the other numbers in the poll below. Simply astounding. I have to go feed my ostrich now.