The Domestic Face Of "Overseas Contingency Operations"

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Take A Good Look At This Man

Remember back in March when the name change order came down from the top? No more Global War On Terror. It was now to be known as Overseas Contingency Operations. I suppose that GWOT had negative connotations to the Obama administration.

The President had the idea of putting lipstick on the pig that had been named right after 9/11 (the worst domestic attack on our Country), changing it to something a little more palatable for the American people.

But, you know what, the pig is still a pig and the war on terror is still very much global! It is critically important for the everyday citizens to keep their guards up and stay ever so vigilant for anything going on that may not seem just right. Let me tell you how I know that.

A Domestic Face Of Terror

This is Najibullah Zazi, and allegedly he wants to kill Americans right here at home. Not overseas. Not in someone else’s back yard. No right here in one of the hubs of President Obama’s overseas contingency operations.

He received weapons and explosives training at an Al Qaida training camp near Pakistan in 2008. He, along with his father were arrested, with more being sought.

On his computer nine pages of notes were found on how to build an explosive device and a detonator to trigger it. He was found with video of Grand Central Station (large commuter rail hub in New York City) and had researched the interiors of football stadiums and other large venues. Apparently he was the man who would make the call on when an attack would take place.

So what does it all mean to us?

Number one it means law enforcement did a great job monitoring, tracking and arresting Zazi before another tragedy took place.

Number two it means that Americans, who possess extremely short memories, need to wake up and understand that the War On Terror is not over, and may never be over. That those who wish to kill us have not changed their minds.

Number three is that this enemy understands number two only too well, and has the patience to wait 5 or 10 years to take the next shot (the first World Trade Center attack took place in 1993, eight years before 9/11).

Number four is that parts of our government need to understand these facts, and along with the ACLU stop trying to tie the hands of the very people who are tasked with protecting us.

Number five is that organizations such as the ACLU and the far left play right into the hands of our enemies.

Those that want to kill us must sit back and laugh at the arguments that go on regarding interrogation and the rights of terrorist suspects held at Gitmo. These discussions don’t go on in their governments or leaderships. It is this weakness that we convey that only serves to embolden them.

Number six is that these “negotiations” with Iran over its nuclear intentions are a charade, and that they will never stop trying to amass weapons of mass destruction to kill us, either themselves or through a proxy.

Number seven is a summary of the first 6. We as Americans need to wake up and see that our very existence is constantly threatened.

How many people around the country are not even aware of the arrest and the intent of those arrested?

Let your representatives in Washington know (particularly those represented by the Pelosi left) that the philosophy they are trying to invoke on the American people is hazardous to our health and well being, and they need to step up and start facing that fact.

This healthcare debate which is consuming all of the thought and time of Congress, is merely a smoke screen if the terrorists have their way. Step up and protect the country in the way that this great land needs to be.