Jimmy Carter: One Term Wasn't Enough?

From The Political and Financial Markets Commentator

One Disastrous Term Wasn’t Enough For Jimmy Carter To Establish His Legacy? It was For Me And I would Venture To Say Most Everyone Else As Well.

No, this former peanut farmer from Georgia wants to make sure that his name goes down in history as a destructive career diplomat as well, both foreign and domestic. His current diatribe concerns the fact that any criticism of the new administration must have its foundation in racism. While blatantly untrue, why is this ex-President playing the race card, particularly when it is so far off base? Why is he making statements at all?

Knowing the record of this man, why is his voice one that is getting, or deserving of, any attention.

His Presidency Was Marked By Economic Woe And A Degradation Of United States Standing In The World. His Post Presidency Record, Save Participation In Habitat For Humanity, Has Not Been Much Better

Here are some snippets of the lowlights (the right to list highlights are reserved for the time they are discovered)

Presidency Lowlights

  • U.S. and Panama sign treaties to end American control of Panama Canal by year 2000 (1977).
  • Iranian militants seize more than 50 hostages at U.S. embassy in Tehran (not freed until Ronald Reagan took office) (1979).
  • Russian invasion of Afghanistan (1979)
  • U.S. military rescue of hostages in Iran aborted (1980).
  • U.S. boycotts Summer Olympics in Moscow (1980).
  • Economic malaise
  • Stagflation (inflation and recession occurring simultaneously)

Post-Presidency Lowlights

  • 1994 negotiations with Kim Jong-il, an agreement soon broken
  • Visited Cuba in 2002 and had a grand old time with Castro.
  • As an election observer, he certified the results of the questionable election in Venezuela in 2004, keeping Hugo Chavez in control of the country.
  • He ridiculed Tony Blair for his alliance with the us in the war on terror (or whatever acronym given to it now by the current administration). Incredibly, he said this about then President Bush: “I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history.” I actually usually vote for Carter when that question comes up.
  • His book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” made the Osama Bin Laden best seller list with the comment by Bin Laden “After you read the suggested books, you will know the truth, and you will be greatly shocked by the scale of concealment that has been exercised on you.”

So what is his agenda invoking the race card? Stupidity or wanting to deal a blow to the Obama administration? Most likely the former as his goal was in no way to hurt the President, particularly at this critical time in his healthcare bill negotiations. But as this former peanut farmer showed while in office and after, conflict resolution may not be his strong suit.

Sometimes former Presidents should be seen and not heard!