Iran And North Korea: Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends

From The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, Mike Haltman

This, Despite The Always “Scary” Threat Of Tougher Sanctions To Be “Considered” If, By The End Of September, They Do Not Sit Down For Nuclear Negotiations With The United States And The Rest (or most) Of The World Community

This is who we are up against. When will the world community take proactive steps, before the time, God forbid, that reactive steps are required! Read on, and read this phrase later:

nuclear bomb 2

Health care, Van Jones, the economy and the myriad other items on the agenda may be moot in the event Iran develops or obtains the capacity to get to the end game of its nuclear weapons program.

This while North Korea nears the “final state” of enriching uranium which would give it an alternative to it already existing plutonium capability.

This while the world community watches and waits.

This while idol threats are heard, consumed and thrown away much like yesterdays garbage by these rogue nations who know that the bluster is not backed up by the threat of real action beyond sanctions.

This while Israel is being put in the position of unilateral action to preserve its very life.

And finally, this while the United States standing as a world super power to be feared and reckoned with is diminished around the world by the current administration, with its questionable views on Israel and desire to be a world friend as opposed to a protector of its citizens interests and well being.

Now I do not suggest that the United States itself should act unilaterally, but how many lessons do we need to be taught to the fact that these sanctions, when threatened to be placed on regimes whose concern is not its citizen populations, are meaningless.

How long do we give them to ignore these threats of sanctions, all of the while continuing on their merry way towards the development, deployment and worst scenario of all sale to the highest bidder. It is hard to conduct sane negotiations with the insane.

The desire to sit at a table with Iran and negotiate in good faith is akin to sitting at a table with Hitler, as was once done, and negotiate in good faith. The negotiation, as the saying goes, would be one slice short of a sandwich.

For those who are either not paying attention, or who are concentrating on our domestic problems, here is where we sit in a nutshell. Short and sweet:


(Fox News)TEHRAN, Iran — “President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday Iran will neither halt uranium enrichment nor negotiate over its nuclear rights but is ready to sit and talk with world powers over “global challenges.”

His statements came as the international nuclear watchdog warned of a “stalemate” over Iran’s nuclear program. Members of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency began meetings in Vienna that could set the stage for a toughening of sanctions against Iran…”

North Korea

(Washington Post) SEOUL, Sept. 4 — North Korea announced early Friday that it is in the “final stage” of enriching uranium, a process that, if completed, would give it a second means of making a nuclear bomb.

In rejection of U.N. efforts to sanction its nuclear weapons program, the North’s official Korean Central News Agency declared, “We’ve successfully done the experiment for enrichment of uranium and it has entered the final stage.”

North Korean Concerns For Its People

Will the threat of sanctions work on North Korea. They already put them on their own people:

(Washington Post)TOKYO — As it noisily goads the outside world with missiles and a nuclear test, North Korea is quietly tightening screws at home.

State controls over the lives of North Koreans have become more onerous this year, and operations of international aid agencies have been shackled. The government of Kim Jong Il is moving aggressively to reel in private markets by limiting what they can sell, reducing their hours of operation and shutting some down, according to reports from several organizations with informants inside the shuttered communist state….

…Last month, North Korea rolled back the U.N. World Food Program’s capacity to monitor where international food aid is distributed and who receives it. Pyongyang also slashed the WFP’s geographical reach inside the country, cutting the number of counties where it can operate from 131 to 57. In the spring, the government abruptly canceled a deal to accept hundreds of thousands of tons of food aid from the U.S. government.

The cuts come during a year in which the United Nations estimates that 37 percent of North Koreans will require food aid. WFP officials said they are able to deliver about a tenth of the 45,000 tons of food a month needed to avert severe malnutrition…”

This is who we are up against. When will the world community take proactive steps, before the time, God forbid, that reactive steps are required!