When I Want Your Opinion, I Will Give It To You*

From The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, Mike Haltman

*Laurence J Peter, author of The Peter Principal, A book which is 100% applicable to Washington, DC (unfortunately for all of us right, left and middle):

“In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence … in time every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out its duties … “

Resignation of Van Jones A “Loss for the Country”

Now a far left lobbyist for health care reform, Howard Dean, the former head of the DNC, feels that the United States has suffered a great loss by the resignation of Van Jones at the hands of the “Republican Machine.” The video below depicts much of what is wrong in Washington. According to Dean, Van Jones did not know what the petition that he was signing was all about. Apparently a clip board was waved in front of his face and he blindly put his signature on it.

This is the time tested art of plausible deniability.

Now, as unbelievable as that might be, has Howard Dean missed the comments and video of Van Jones regarding white Americans poisoning black Americans or Columbine, his communist and radical associations or any of the other controversies that brought Van Jones down?

Howard Dean, the man who at one point was chosen to lead the entire Democrat Party, demonstrates in his statements much of the problem. Following versus being ignorantly led (this pertains to members of both parties).

The rank and file Democrats need to take a step back, get away from the background noise, forget about the fact that their leadership would like to blame everything going on in Washington as simply a plot by right wing Republicans, and really take a close look at all that is happening.

Don’t merely listen to partisan pundits and far left commentators or strategists who tell you what they would like you to hear. Do a little research into what are some of the most important goings on for all of us at this time. If after that research you still agree with the points of men like Howard Dean, great, because your thoughts are based on the facts as you have found them to be yourself.

We will then agree to disagree, but we can argue the facts, and not merely engage in ideological name calling!

Don’t merely allow your opinions and thoughts to be led by people with a specific agenda (the same goes for rank and file Republicans). Most, if not all of the information regarding Van Jones and his background and statements are there for you to see for yourself. Form your opinions based on this, and not merely on who can speak the loudest and who may have the most access to your eyes and ears through the media.

If the phrase “me thinks they doth protest to much” comes into play constantly, ask yourself why and look into it. The Democrats have a well oiled information dissemination machine that dwarfs that of the Republican Party. But do not allow yourself to be taken in by the statement parents have been making for many years:

When I want Your Opinion, I will Give It To You

Take Personal Responsibility. Ask Questions. Do Not Have Pre-Conceived Ideas. Make Your Leadership Accountable For The Things That They Do If After Learning About It First Yourself It Raises Serious Questions In Your Mind.