Van Jones Resigns, But That Does Not End The Story Or Questions

From The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, Mike Haltman

The question is: Why was this radical, whose background could be found by simply typing the words Van Jones into Google, put in this position in the first place? As always with this administration, the answer is as troubling as it is confusing.

There is no more media and internet savvy group than the Democrats and this Administration. Was this appointment, and the inevitable forced and charged resignation, part of some greater master plan? This is not the question of a conspiracy theorist, but ask yourself the same question. In the heat of a health care battle, among many other battles, why bring this on as well?

The Non-Apology Resignation

No regrets, no apologies for past actions or statements. No. This resignation was forced by a smear campaign led by the Republican Party don’t you know. If merely a smear campaign and without merit, why resign?

A News Flash From The New York Times

“In a victory for Republicans and the Obama administration’s conservative critics, Van Jones resigned as the White House’s environmental jobs “czar” on Saturday…”

It is this type of reporting and opinion from the main stream media that mirrors the actions of the ostrich who operates with its’ head buried in the sand.

Was this resignation really a victory for the Republicans and conservative critics, or was it a victory for the country by losing an appointee with questionable beliefs, unbridled power and a $30 billion dollar budget to spend?

Perhaps The New York Times should ask the question: How does this man with views that sound very similar to the Reverend Wright get the position in the first place? When will the main stream media begin to ask any questions at all, as opposed to merely being the Rubber Stamp Division of the Democrat Party.

The Obama Administration Art Of Vetting A Czar

The vetting process for a political appointment that is handled by the Congress is an in-depth look into every aspect of a potential candidates background. It is supposed to be exhaustive as these individuals will have varying levels of power and jurisdiction. I imagine it could start with something as simple as Googling the candidates name and seeing what comes up.

Apparently not so for The Czars, who don’t undergo such scrutiny from the Congress, but are merely asked to serve at the pleasure of the President. Before all of the controversy erupted, had a mere Googling of the name Van Jones been done, all of the items that he is now being forced to resign for would have been easily found.

The question is: Was it actually a man of these beliefs that the Obama administration wanted all along? Was it assumed that the media would go along with nary a question about his background as they did with Obama during the Presidential campaign?

Was it also assumed that any objection to the man would be passed off as the rants and ramblings of the “right wing extremists?” Did the Obama administration want to see just how far it could push the American public before even they too (as did Roberto Duran) said no mas?

You Make The Call!