Juan Williams - a neuron short of a synapse

So, Juan Williams is carrying the President’s water on the O’Reilly Factor and he justifies the President unilaterally deciding which laws to enforce (Defense of Marriage, Immigration, etc.) by saying that the President can’t get them passed in Congress. How does this guy get on television since he clearly has no understanding of the US Constitution? When it was pointed out on the show, he was oblivious to the point. Maybe he is just a friend of the Fox crew or maybe the conservative commentators have him on to look good because they know he will say something ridiculous and inane on a regular basis. It surely is time to clean house in the Congress and get some people with backbone (regardless of party) who will actually perform their duties. For years, Congressmen and Senators sit back, draw salaries, enjoy perks and do NOTHING. Senator Harry Reid is personally the single biggest impediment to progress in the US government. But Juan Williams thinks this is great. He apparently doesn’t mind a dictator if the dictator’s policies agree with his vision. It is so blatantly hypocritical. When the minority disagrees, they are “extremists”. I enjoy that Fox does have opposing points of view on the channel (as opposed to MSNBC) but can’t they find someone who actually attended junior high civics classes? My thumb is getting tired from flipping the channel every time I see his face. I am afraid his intense lack of thought will act like a deep space singularity to suck thought from anyone exposed to the vacuum.

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