Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, sad cases, but typical media

The only potential explanations for Chris Matthews slide into zombie-ness must be Creutzfeld-Jakob, Kuru, Alzheimer’s, neuro-syphilis or something pathological. He appears to be losing his mind. He says astonishingly incoherent and obviously biased things that any rational person would not dare to say, knowing that it exposes outright hypocrisy and lack of thought. He is either completely shameless, jumping the shark for his failing ratings or is losing his faculties. Most opinion shows are clearly one-sided but no one can take he or Keith Olbermann seriously. They are both speakers at far left pep rallies who appear to just try to be outrageous trying to attract viewers. It is like a bad car accident. There is no legitimate multi-sided discussion on either show. It is a speaker spouting one-sided views with a Greek chorus of believers agreeing or saying “Yeah” like the Famous Flames behind James Brown. At least Matthews (who had worked with Tip O’Neill on Capitol Hill), started with some credibility and lost it. This is different than Olbermann who never had any credibility to start with.  At this point, it is impossible for Olbermann to gain any, as he has slimed himself like an all-over body tattoo. His bias will never wash off. For completeness, I have never seen Rachel Maddow’s show and have seen enough in the news about her to have no desire to see it.

On the other side, everybody knows that Sean Hannity’s show is over-opinionated to the right but at least has Bob Beckel, Kirsten Powers, Juan Williams and other liberals on the show and doesn’t shout them down. Hannity is also fairly consistent in what he says.  Glen Beck is a show in its own category. He is immensely popular because he pretty much complains about everybody and everything (which is one of America’s favorite pastimes). An old Navy saying is “a sailor is never happy unless he is bitching about something”. Beck is apparently America’s favorite sailor. Everyone can identify something which irks them every day. Beck puts voice to those things.

When I see any story about “fill in the blank commentator said fill in the blank”, I always ignore them, coming from the right or left. People who is smart enough to think for themselves have no reason to worry about the over-reach of the opponents and give them publicity; and already likely agree with the ones on their side. Therefore, let them say what they want.

Matthews is particularly sad because he has become a parody of the Saturday Night Live parody. It is a terrible thing to see someone lose it like that.