The One Page Health Care Bill

The problems are:
1) We have people without health insurance who are afraid they cannot get care.
2) Doctors get less and less reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid every year and shouldn’t have to lose money taking care of patients.
3) Medicare/Medicaid run out of money
4) The current proposed bill sucks.

Here is a start (it fits on one page):
Anyone eligible for Medicare/Medicaid or uninsured who has a legitimate medical problem can go to see a doctor. The doctor can receive a tax credit for the cost of taking care of the patient.

So… what does this simple idea accomplish?

1) In the stroke of a pen, there is no one in the entire country who has to worry about being able to obtain care for legitimate medical issues.
2) Doctors will not be forced to lose money providing care to anyone.
3) Medicare/Medicaid administrative processing costs are reduced by billions of dollars. After all, the Internal Revenue Service is already checking returns.
4) Billing will become much simpler and understandable. No longer will nefarious individuals claim to have done 950 procedures in a day (true example of fraud).

Of course, there are some political problems with this approach:
1) Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress don’t get to pay off lobbyists and contributors with money embedded in the current monstrosity of a bill.
2) Paper manufacturers will lose money printing copies of the disastrous bill and there will be a glut of leftover paper in Washington.
3) The administration will have to return the new presidential portraits of the President in a his robe and wooden staff parting the waters.

Of course, access to care will improve and administrative costs will be markedly reduced. But, then again… that was never what this was about in the first place.