2010 Campaign Ad #2

Fred and Diane are sitting at a car dealership.

Fred: “I sure hope we can get a good deal on this car.”

The salesman walks in with a huge stack of paper.

Salesman: “Just sign this contract and you are on the road. woo hoo”

Diane: “How long is that contract?”

Salesman: “It is 2074 pages”

Diane: “That seems awfully long. Can we look at it?”

Salesman: “You don’t need to read it before you sign it.”

Fred: “But what about those negotiations we had?”

Salesman: “Don’t worry, I drew up this contract on my own. It has nothing to do with our discussion before.”

Fred and Diane look at each other and a voice over says:

“Would you sign the contract? That is exactly what Senator Harry Reid wanted and that is exactly what the Democrats did. Any wonder the Republicans wouldn’t sign on?