Rep. Alan Grayson, Unwitting Saboteur

The old saying goes something like, “When you see your enemy committing suicide, there is no reason to intervene”. Rep. Alan Grayson might be the best thing to happen to conservatives in a long time. Every time he appears on television, it is equivalent to the Democrats hiring Charles Manson as their national spokesman. He is so outrageously repulsive that any Democrat or left of center Independent can’t help but be embarrassed to be associated with any issue he supports. He is the poster boy for guilt by association. Because he is so repugnant, if you agree with anything he says, you look like a nut (by definition) and your election prospects plummet. The left blogs usually comment to the effect of “we need a few more like him” to which moderate Democrats cover their faces and pray no more come along and Republicans offer to buy him more time on the air. He is the Typhoid Mary of politics. Everyone marginally associated with him will suffer the wrath of reasonable voters.

Additionally, he is legislatively harmless since he essentially accomplishes nothing of substance in policy matters as a representative and makes any conservative’s (or almost anyone, for that matter) policies look sane by comparison. Grayson’s antics have the net effect of improving Republican prospects across the entire nation. Reasonable Democrats cringe when they see the -D after his name when he appears on television. He is what the military call a force multiplier. As long as he stays in public view, he can ensure Democratic losses in places he has never even seen for people he doesn’t even know. I believe it would be effective to run campaign advertisements in the fall that were only ten seconds long. All they need say is, “Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, and best of all, Alan Grayson, are all Democrats. How are you voting?”