Barak Hoover

There seem to be some similarities between the two Presidents, Barack and Herbert.

Domestic Affairs. Herbert Hoover has sometimes been portrayed wrongly as a “do-nothing” executive in the face of the challenges of the Depression. In fact, Hoover did much and in some ways prepared the path that would later lead to the New Deal.

Hoover rejected the Coolidge-Mellon imperative to keep the federal government out of active participation in the economy — a plan that worked well during prosperous times, but not during a major depression. Hoover first stressed voluntary action by business and labor to keep the economy functioning, but the continuing deterioration of conditions forced a change. Hoover allowed the government to become the source of funding for construction and relief programs, but he rationalized this departure by developing self-liquidating programs and having state and local authorities administer them.

Finally, at the end of his administration, the formerly confident Hoover was a beaten man. He had been overwhelmingly defeated at the polls, unemployment continued to soar and the nation was stilled by a major bank crisis. As he waited for Franklin Roosevelt to take office, Hoover was tired, bitter and out of ideas. http://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h1445.html