Wary of Dems stealing MN Senate race

I’ve been reading some blog quotes and some online news reports about Minnesota’s tight U.S. Senate race between Coleman and Franken.

It seems that the recount will take 2 weeks to set up, which leads me to be very concerned of WHY it takes 2 weeks to recount ballots and WHAT ‘surprise’ ballots that ACORN and other liberal operatives can come up with between now and then.

The national GOP did NOTHING when the WA Governorship was stolen from Dino Rossi in 2004. It was yet another moment of shame for me (then a member of the Republican Party), that my party leaders let something like this happen.

Will the GOP allow a senate seat to be stolen right in front of them like they allowed Democrats to find ‘missing ballots’ (my a**) and take away a win for Dino Rossi?

We shall see. It will be the first test of whether the GOP has learned to fight or if surrender is the only mode they know.

Keep a watchful eye out!