Senate GOP take a page from Dems and filibuster judges

Well, that was surprising to who? Not me.

Now I want to encourage all my fellow conservatives to call their senators and advise them that BI-PARTISANSHIP will not be tolerated. I want Republican Senators to give the Democrats in the U.S. Senate a taste of their own medicine and FILIBUSTER every single judge that President Obama sends.

And when the press asks WHY, I want every one of those GOP Senators to say that the Presidents needs to send up a ‘consensus’ nominee and that his judicial nominees are not ‘in the mainstream’ and that he is a ‘polarizing’ leader.

Do it, Senate GOP. Show some guts for once and play the game.

Politics is about WINNING, not being liked or ‘getting along’ with the other side.

Think you idiots have learned that after tonight?

Screw you and your BI-PARTISANSHIP you losers!!!

I challenge you because I know you are really just a bunch of scared little girls who have no grapes.