Bizarre spectacle of Dem youth tools outside White House

I saw on FOX NEWS last night that masses of Georgetown University students and others took to the streets outside the White House shouting chants of “Obama! Obama! Obama!”

Apparently they did this sometime after THE ONE was declared winner of the presidential election.

How bizarre are these kids and their Democrat masters? Bush isn’t on the ballot and Obama wasn’t running against Bush, yet you would have thought that Obama beat Bush in this election.

It’s funny – hilarious actually – because it illustrates just how badly Bush got these peoples’ goat for all these years. They could never defeat him in either of his elections, so they resort to this football ‘rah-rah’ stuff outside the White House.

I’m sure Bush was bothered not one bit.

I hope they all get colds, sore throats and hang-overs from their pointless escapade. Wendell Goler of FOX NEWS seemed to be laughing at them. Don’t blame him. What a bunch of tools.