Wrote-in Mitt Romney for President

Voted around 10:20 CST this morning and cast my first-ever write-in vote for Mitt Romney.

Yes, I have struggled with the thought of an Obama presidency. In the end it was McCain’s failure to support his party and president over the past 8 years that pushed my hand. The ‘Gang of 14’ backstab was what hurt McCain the most. He lost a lot of support that day in 2005, perhaps as much as %20-%25 of the base voters. I was among that percentage.

I feel good about my vote and cast my remaining votes for Republicans Thad Cochran, Roger Wicker and Greg Davis.

If the Republicans lose this election the only bright spot for the country will be that it will force the GOP to go back to their base and become the conservative party again. Maybe then we will have a party of doers who understand that ‘compromise’ with your ideological enemies is foolishness. Maybe then we will have a party who will understand that it’s supporters want them to fight and win.

Regardless of what others feel, I hope everyone gets out and exercises the precious right of voting. Democracy demands it.