McCain is losing because he refuses to fight, much like the national GOP

As everyone here can attest, I am NOT a McCain fan. I haven’t been a fan since before the ‘Gang of 14’ and will never be a fan since that horrible betrayal.

Despite my unfavorable opinion (or maybe in light of it), it surprises me to see Senator McCain working so hard to loose this election by failing to take the fight to his Democratic opponent.

Several weeks ago he had clear political momentum. Talking heads on television blame the Wall Street slump for his sudden decline but I beg to differ. I think his fall from the polls is related to who he is and his seeming willing lack to fight when he is under relentless attack by enemies.

In this approach he is repeating the mistakes of 2006. The GOP didn’t loose that election because of Bush or what was happening in Iraq. They GOP lost that election because of their gutlessness, cowardice and unwillingness to stay united and counter-attack their enemies.

McCain is doing the same now and HE WILL LOOSE.

I urge RS posters who support McCain to get in touch with their local McCain campaign offices and urge, insist and berate them to get McCain to FIGHT.

If he doesn’t and keeps using this magnificently flawed ‘nice guy’ approach he will surely lose. This race has echos of 1996 when Senator Bob Dole took the ‘nice guy’ approach and lost an election he might have won if he had taken advantage when he had his opportunity.

Politics is about WINNING, not about being the guy that everyone likes in the end. McCain has never understood this reality and will loose unless he changes course now and starts fighting back at all the smears, lies and media-generated ‘scandals’ that are utter BS.

This is my straight advice to McCain, a man I personally don’t like. That is how bad he is running his campaign that even I am giving him the remedy to his problem.

Will he take it? Likely not.

Too bad for him.