A retort to Oliver Stone's historical revisionists nonsense

Got a great idea.

Since UFO boy Oliver Stone is coming out with a satirical movie that lampoons and distorts the person and family of President George W. Bush, I suggest conservatives out there donate $ to fund a movie called Billy Jeff that caricatures President Willam Jefferson Clinton.

What do you think our ‘objective’ media friends who see no problem with broadcasting lies about Bush would react to a movie about their poster boy Clinton?

I guarantee that they would go nuts. There would be threats from the Kos segment and other crazies at the HuffPo and DU that would be worth their weight in comedic gold.

Surely there is some imaginative and creative film maker out there who would jump at the chance. Let’s make it worth their while and create a fund to make such a film. Seeing the left get a taste of it’s own medicine is reason enough for such a project.

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