Why do GOP leaders and party members talk to the MSM?

Here’s my solution to the anti-conservative bent of just about every mainstream broadcast media outlet.

The GOP needs to quit talking to these people, pure and simple.

Don’t let me read any arguments about but,but.. we need to get our message out when that is not an option with the Drive-Bys.

These people are our enemies, again pure and simple. They don’t care about our message, just twisting it and debating against it.

Quit talking to CNN. Quit talking to MSNBCQuit talking to NBCQuit talking to CBSQuit talking to ABC

Keep talking to FOX. They are the ONLY network that let’s the GOP have a say without constantly trying to deconstruct our message as if they are the opposing party.

Why in the HELL the RNC still allows GOP leaders and spokesmen/women to go on these Drive-By shows and serve as political meat for tenderizing is beyond me.When the GOP guest has to sit there and defend him/herself against attacks from the Democrat guest AND the so-called news host, it’s obvious what should be done.

Boycott the major news networks. Don’t do anymore interviews at the convention and don’t argue with them on their stupid premises and DNC talking points. Tell Gulianni, Huckabee, Bennett and others to quit talking to the networks except FOX and don’t let any spokes people go on their shows.

Blackout the MSM Drive-Bys. DO IT NOW FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE CONVENTION. Send a message they get.