Dear John, I bet you wish you had more Conservatives on your side now

This is going to be short and somewhat charitable criticism.

Dear John,

After spending the last 8 years sabotaging Conservatives on important issues (free speech, judges, illegal immigration), I wonder how you feel now about the way your friends in the Drive-By Press are treating your VP nominee?

Sad to say that you would have had a lot more on our side in your corner now if you had remembered your real friends. Palin will pay the price for the hands you spit upon and the backs you buried knives in.

As for me, I wish Palin was at the top of the ticket and not you. She deserves better than what she’s getting from our partisan press.

Too bad for you. Remember all this the next time you ‘compromise’ away our majority on judges or try to give citizenship to 12 million criminals.

Yes John, it’s your fault.