The politicalization of natural disasters

The big lesson of Hurricane Katrina that the GOP should have learned in 2005 is that their party has to be pro-active and have a media team ready for battle.

Weather is now effectively politicized thanks to the myths that were allowed to be repeated, without rebuff from our side, by enemies in the MSM.

Now Gutav hits and we are playing along with our enemies YET AGAIN, primarily because our ‘leaders’ in the GOP never step forward and defend their own against frivilous and ludicrous attacks.

The GOP should have gone ahead with their convention, ackowledging their support and prayers for the people, disaster volunteers and national guardsmen/police who are responding in the appropriate manner.

Why do they lend credence to the silliness of the Kartina charges by playing along with liberal talking points and premises?

Grow a spine GOP and learn to fight back.