How much do they pay Stephanie Abrams of The Weather Channel?

This is too much.

Watching The Weather Channel and it’s ‘crack’ team of reporters give commentary on Hurricane Gustav that make me look for a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The lovely Stephanie Abrams was on television about 15 minutes ago pulling plant stems and small branches out of a puddle and talking about the size of debris that you might want to avoid in case of high winds. I watched this little segment with creeping annoyance.

I think most people are smart enough to know that if they see a cross-tie, beam or light pole go flying by then they KNOW that the winds are dangerously high.

How stupid is that segment?

Since I’ve got a degree in Journalism, maybe I can go get a job at TWC making 6 figures and taking trips to Florida or other coastal regions to point out roofs with no shingles, trees laying on cars (wow, look at that! It’s a limb on a car!!!), or sticks floating in puddles.

What a bunch of silly-looking people.