Weekly news about raids, arrests and deportations prove Enforcement Only works

It amazes me when I look online almost every day now and see a story about large groups of illegal aliens being arrested in Arizona, Illinois, Florida, Iowa, California, Mississippi and all over the country.

I thought that Enforcement Only wasn’t workable? Didn’t Senator Lindsey Graham say that “the votes aren’t there” when it came to the CIR debate?

Of course, they eventually passed an enforcement bill that was signed into law and we all know about the Secure Fence Act.

When I look at the news now, showing successful ICE raids, arrests of corrupt business leaders, deportations and hefty fines, I am forced to ask Why weren’t we doing this sooner?!? Just think if our government had been bothering to enforce the law for the last 20 years, we wouldn’t have the rampant theft of identities, the murders or rapes due to criminal illegals, and our schools wouldn’t be full of Spanish-babbling teens who shouldn’t even be getting taxpayer funded education.

Now is not the time to talk of backing off. Now is the time to STEP UP THE ACTION EVEN MORE!

We as LEGAL citizens need to keep the heat turned UP and the pressure ON these elected officials. We will NOT tolerate another attempt at Amnesty. Enforcement of current laws works and sends the right message that such behavior will no longer be ignored.

When McCain wins, hold his feet in the fire, not to the fire.