The're back to the 'worst president ever' slogan again

I’m sure most people have seen this already, courtesy of Newsbusters. Looks like they are edging back towards the ‘worst president ever’ slogan that has rung so hollow the past 3 1/2 years. It’s James Carville brining it back up.

CARVILLE: “[The Ted Kennedy speech] was a great moment, absolutely. But other stuff was wasted. There was no message that came out of here. Look, this is the fifth night in a row that we’ve had a Democratic convention since George W. Bush, the most disastrous, incompetent and corrupt administration we’ve had in modern American history and we haven’t put it front and center. I am at loss…”

The reason this charge is so silly involves four glaring facts.

1) Jimmy Carter is viewed as the worst president in modern U.S. history.2) People don’t dislike Bush, and they certainly don’t have the visceral hate that percolates on the left. Bush’s big liability has been his inaction in defending himself. Has Bush made mistakes? Has every president made mistakes?3) Things aren’t doom and gloom like the Dems and their sycophants in the media keep trying to relay. Most people are smart enough to look at their lives and see that, even though budgets are tight, the economy is sound and we are living safely.4) Bush has been remarkably successful at making the Democrats look silly and was 3-1 against them in elections. They still smart from that, especially since they got beat by a guy they regard as a dunce.

Those are the facts, but then facts have never kept the Democrats from their scripted talking points, now has it?