The media calls it 'negative campaigning' when the GOP does the job they won't do

As the holder of a BA in Journalism, I’m always amused when the big market media start hyper-ventilating about Republicans going negative.

It’s funny because the big media usually cover for the Democrat candidate (or cover-up, as in the case of John Edwards) and leave the GOP no choice but to ask the hard questions and do the investigative work that big media reporters are supposed to do.

Of course, the same big media reporters/reporteretts have absolutely NO problems asking Republican candidates the hard questions or digging up dirt on them.

Any doubts? Look at the DUI case they used against Bush in 2000 or they way they attempted to unseat Bush in 2004 with the bogus TX Air National Guard documents. Yet this same press all but ignored Gore’s Buddist temple fundraisers and Kerry’s swift-boat comrades. Those were different how? The two candidates were Democrats.

The best part is the American people aren’t all like the Lemmings that the big market media think. The public wants to know more about Barak Obama and they won’t find out about him from the big market media.

They will find out because the GOP and it’s allies will do the actual journalism, and the big media will call the truth uncovered an “attack” because that’s what they do.

Ironic, isn’t it?