Not a right wing nut, but a true Catholic

In another member’s diary, there was a thought provoking writing on communion for pro-abortion supporters as well as taxpayer funding of abortion. My apologies to the author, but I can’t find the link.

In any case, there was an article today about a South Carolina priest telling his congregation that those voting for Obama needed to seek confession and pennance for their vote before receiving communion. In my response to the above mentioned member diary, I suggested that it shouldn’t be an issue of communion, but such acts could and should result in excommunication.

I don’t believe that neither the SC priest nor myself are right wing nut jobs. I believe in strict adherence to Catholic doctrine and the duty of all of us to follow the teachings of Jesus, and the perpetuated word of God as spoken through the Pope. The likes of Biden, Pelosi, and Kerry are NOT Catholics. Not only do they push aside their stated sacrements of baptism and confirmation, but they hold themselves out as a higher authority and they are somehow more capable of dictating Christian principals than the decendants of St. Peter.

No, we’re not nuts. We understand, embrace, and rejoice in our Catholic faith. We appreciate the sacrifice of those that have served as mouthpieces for the word of God, and we are not Catholics of convienence.

Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and any other self proclaimed Catholics that unrepentently support abortion and the taking of innocent life should immediately be excommunicated. And yes Father, I agree, a vote in their support requires pennence.

Finally, one more rant, HUSSEIN, HUSSEIN, HUSSEIN!! It’s his middle name, and why is it such a problem to use it?