Quietly confident, and at peace

For me at least, this marks the last day of this presidential campaign. All that is left for me is to go vote. I’m feeling pretty good I must admit. I made quite a few phone calls on behalf of McCain/Palin, I went door to door, put up yard signs, and most importantly I got a first time voter to register and have made arrangements for them to vote in the morning. All in all, I’m happy with my efforts.

At the same time, I’m not letting anything get me down. I don’t believe an Obama +10 poll just as much as I wouldn’t believe a McCain +10 poll. I do, however, believe in the American people like myself who work hard every day in the hopes for a better life for their children. We don’t believe government hand outs work, and are quite willing to say “no thanks” even if it’s offerred. I teach my children that hard work and commitment pays off whether it’s our chosen career, faith, or politics.

I believe in the people in places like Ohio and Pennsylvania, and yes, California. I’m confident that we, like our mothers and fathers, will make the right decision.

I’m happy I was able to read thought provoking posts hear, and allowing me to offer my two cents from time to time. Thank you RedState!