Suddenly, I feel the wind change...slightly

It’s one of those things you can’t quite put your finger on, but you can just tell something is different. I have a few ideas about this, and it is my diary, so I’ll pontificate.

Fear and anger over the current global economic meltdown is growing by the minute. While the root cause will probably be determined many years from now, the current fire is Fannie/Freddie, coupled with the fat investment firms. This may not prove to be the root cause, but for now it’s the sight of very well placed anger. American’s retirement plans are telling them to keep their job until they’re ohhh…106 years old right about now, and their pissed. Really pissed! I know, I’m one of them.

Did anyone see the video from the McCain Wisconsin campaign stop? It was practically a mob seen. It’s no wonder! Americans are angry, Democrats and Republicans alike. But this seems to be manifesting more in Republicans. Consider the following:

  • Ayers
  • Wright
  • Acorn
  • Fannie/Freddie
  • Muslim Outreach (what the hell is that?) on NBC no less
  • Kenya
  • Socialist
  • No American flag lapel pin
  • American flag taken off the tail of his plane
  • A wife that starting being proud of her country when it benefitted her husband

The water is building behind the damn, and it’s about to bring it down. It just needs a little push.

Senator McCain, don’t hush the voices you heard in Wisconsin, for they are also my voice. Don’t speak of reaching accross aisle, speak of reaching out to the victims. Yes Senator, we are victims. Our retirements are gone, our savings to open a small business is now not enough to shop at a small business, and we are getting Senator Obama forced on us by the elite that don’t have such real concerns. We can live with the pain, and we will recover, but we cannot live with those responsible getting a pass. The one thing you can do to save us is to stand up and fight for us. Tell all those who will listen that anyone, ANYONE who had a hand in this will be investigated and prosecuted. Regardless of party affiliation, wealth, or position held, those that stole our future will certainly lose theirs.

Senator McCain, if you cannot stand up for us now, than you sir do not deserve the offie you seek. The winds are changing, the captain is the only one that can raise the sail.